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The history of sex toys

his_sg_01-191x300 The history of sex toysThe mists of time

The first vibrators appeared apparently during the matriarchy. In that distant time, women ruled the world and dominated over men. Men were needed as a labor force and occasionally used for procreation. That would not constantly not to get pregnant, to periodic sexual encounters men are not allowed. In the mounds of the Amazons constantly find dildos made of wood and stone. To obtain satisfaction, women used a dildo, which is one step before the invention of the strap.

Ancient Egypt

In ancient Egypt, Babylon, Assyria there was a phallic cult. The phallus was worshiped, as he is credited with miraculous power. The phallus in erection was the main symbol of power! However, in Egypt many women became pharaohs, that without the possession of a member is impossible. Upon accession to the throne of the pretender was ritually deflorimonte a virgin. What the Queen did, with elaborate strap-ons. In Egyptian tombs scientists have found dildos made of gold and silver.


From Greek mythology, we learn that the great master of the Daedalus (father of Icarus), is famous not only as an architect of palaces, beautiful sculptures, and Creator of the Labyrinth. But as a manufacturer of sex toys! Daedalus created the hollow cow for the wife of the Cretan King Minos. What would his wife could mate with the bull. Daedalus loved daughter of the king of Sicily, possibly lesbian, for the fact that he did them some special toys. I liked them so much that even boiled in boiling water of Minos, when he came for the old man. So they didn’t want to break up with him. In ancient Greece and Rome sexual orgies were devoted to the gods Dionysius and Bacchus. They were devoted to the ancient theatre. In comedies, the actors went on stage with long and huge dildos. And in the tragedies sometimes used them to their destination. Used women of Lesbos, no data, but on ancient amphorae preserved a lot of pictures of women with dildos. In more recent times, Rome has developed an ardent misogynist. At a time when men indulged in all sorts of debauchery with prostitutes and boys, women locked in their homes. Bored Housewives had no choice until you find the lover indulge in lesbian sex with strap-ons.

The middle ages

It is known that in the middle ages of the Eastern lords had huge harems of 1000 concubines. Not hard to find that girl that they could wait for the next meeting with their Lord. What would sexually satisfy myself, concubines in harems used dildos and strap-ons. What the sex toy was a replica of a member of the Sultan or Shah. In medieval Europe, with the fashion for chastity belt, wooden dildos has become a necessity. In women’s monasteries flourished lesbian love, satisfied that the nuns with candles. Further, the company in Europe, sex toys little is known, existed a strict ban by the Church on Masturbation. In the meantime, entertainers from China and Japan used the Geisha Balls known as Ben WA balls, cock ring tips cock, strap-ons, double sided Dildo and different anal toys.

his_sg_02-253x300 The history of sex toysXVIII

In the late 18th century Marquis de Sade, in his works and based on their own sexual experience, described the use of intimate toys: Dildo and strap-on.


In the enlightened 19th century by doctors to treat hysteria in women began to apply different massagers, essentially the same sex toys. There was the first steam-powered vibrators.


In the 20th century, with the advent of new materials and technologies of sex toys were made in small batches, allowing to open in 1962 the first sex shop.

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